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For the past 30 years, Dan Tobin has been recognized by his employers, consulting clients, workshop participants, and readers for creating, or helping them create, learning initiatives that are tied directly to their companies’ business goals and strategic initiatives. 

How can Dan Tobin help you?

· Are you concerned with comments from business leaders that your training programs aren’t contributing to the company’s success?  Dan can help you examine your training group’s strategies and programs and determine how to better align them with your company’s business goals and strategic initiatives — as part of a strategic planning process for your training organization or as coaching of your training staff on specific program ideas.

· Are you looking for cost-effective approaches to filling your company’s leadership pipeline?  Dan can help you to design and build a leadership development program for mid-level managers who have been identified as having high-potential for future leadership positions.

· Do you have a current training program that just doesn’t seem to be working?  Dan can review that program and offer ideas on how to make it more relevant to people’s work and to the company’s business strategies.

· Do you have a new training challenge and are looking for creative approaches to designing and developing that program so that it will capture participants’ interest while meeting your business objectives?  Dan can bring a wealth of experience and creativity to assist you with your program design.

· Are you challenged by company leaders to prove the value of your training programs?  Dan can help you create effective evaluation strategies that can demonstrate your programs' value to the company.

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