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What does is mean when your company's CEO requires the training group to do a return-on-investment (ROI) study to demonstrate its worth to the company?  In almost every case, it means that he/she has already decided to slash the training group's budget, eliminate the group, or outsource the training function and is using the ROI study as proof of making the right decision.

Proving the value of training to your company begins with strategic planning:

  • What are the company's business goals?
  • What needs to change in order to meet those goals?
  • In order to make those changes, what needs to be learned?
  • Once learning takes place, how will it be applied to the learners' work?
  • What difference in business results should be expected from the investment in learning?

Dan Tobin has created a methodology called a Learning Contract to step training groups through the process of answering these questions.  You can learn more about learning contracts from Dan's books or from some of the free articles on this website.

Dan can guide your training group through a structured strategic planning process to ensure that all learning efforts are tied directly to the company's business goals and strategies, and that all learning efforts extend beyond the classroom or e-learning platform to ensure that what is learned is applied to employees' work to make a positive difference in individual, group, and company business results.

Dan's strategic planning services utilize the Learning Contract framework and can be done in several ways:

  • Dan can lead a strategic planning session for those who lead the company's training/learning efforts to plan for the next fiscal year's training agenda. 
  • Dan can work with the training group (and other HR and business leaders) to help them determine how learning can best prepare employees for a major company change initiative.
  • Dan can work with, or act a coach for the head of the training group to help him/her develop his/her own plans.

Contact Dan Tobin to discuss how he can help your training group develop better strategies and plans.