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Dan has worked as an effective coach to corporate training directors and groups for many years.  Coaching arrangements can take several forms:

  • Dan can work on a retainer basis as an on-call resource to your training group, helping you as needed with strategic planning, review of training programs, evaluation methods, and/or training design issues.
  • Dan can work on a project basis, coaching your training team on the design of a specific learning initiative, the redesign of a program to include action-learning strategies as well as follow-up activities to ensure that learning is transferred to the learners' work to make a positive difference in individual, group, and company business results.
  • Dan can observe a current training program and provide you with insights and methods to make it more interactive, more action-oriented, and more engaging for the participants.  He can also coach your trainers and subject-matter experts who are acting as trainers on how to be more effective in the classroom.

Contact Dan Tobin to learn more about coaching services.