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Training groups continue to struggle with how to tie their efforts directly to their organizations’ specific business goals and strategies in order to make a real difference in individual, group, and organizational performance and then prove the value of training’s contribution. 

In this 3-part webinar, you will learn how to use Dan Tobin’s concept of a “learning contract” to make that connection from the start of planning through to the application of learning to the job.  You will learn that by planning properly from the start, you build in your measures of effectiveness (Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4), thereby eliminating questions as to the value of the organization’s investment in training.

In this Workshop, you will learn how to:

•   Discover your organization’s goals and strategies and align your efforts with them.

•   Diagnose what needs to be done to achieve the organization’s goals and how learning can best contribute to achieving those goals

•   Ensure that the organization sets the right expectations for learning AND for the application of learning to participants’ work

•   Select the best learning methods to meet participants’ learning needs; expand your focus from “training” to “learning facilitation”

•   Plan for follow-up and follow-through to ensure that learning is properly applied to participants’ work to make a positive difference in individual, group, and organizational performance

•   Demonstrate the value of learning’s contribution to organizational results

Some Specific Tools You Can Use:

- Organize your own Learning Advisory Board

- Diagnose organizational challenges in terms of learning

- Write learning objectives in terms of individual and organizational performance

- 10 questions on choosing a learning method

- Setting proper expectations for the application of learning

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Webinar Schedule

Wednesdays – April 6, 13, and 20th, 1:00 – 4:00 PM (Eastern time)

Note: Early-Bird registration until March 6th

Registration Fee: $450 ($375 early-bird rate)

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