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Dan Tobin is the author of six books on corporate learning strategies:

Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline: How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders in Small to Mid-Sized Companies will be co-published by the American Society of Training and Development and Berrett-Koehler in late summer 2010.  The book presents a model to develop high-potential employees into a company's next generation of leaders.  The focus of the book is on the small to mid-sized company (1000 - 5000 employees) who do not have the deep pockets or dedicated leadership development staff of larger companies.  While every company would love to have a leadership development program and facility like GE's famed Crotonoville facility, these smaller companies just cannot afford this approach.

The approach in the book focuses on a 1-to-2 years program that includes four major elements:

  • Quarterly education sessions on a variety of topics to develop the participants leadership skills, business acumen, and other knowledge and skills they will need to help lead the company.
  • Action-learning assignments following each education session that get the participants to apply what they have just learned.  These projects also enable the company to test participants' skills before making any promotional decisions.
  • 360 reviews and an individual development plan for each participant
  • Mentoring and coaching of participants

The book also contains a chapter that focuses on lower and higher cost alternatives -- creating and running a leadership development program doesn't need to break the bank and while it would be nice to fill the program with well-known speakers who often charge $10 - 25K per day, there are many ways of running an effective program without making these massive investments.

Click here to see the endorsements received for this book from Jim Kouzes, Dave Ulrich, and many others.

The AMA Guide to Management Development (with Margaret Pettingell) presents the management competency model he developed (and validated) for the American Management Association (AMA) and discusses how companies can use and misuse competency models.

  • "The AMA Guide to Management Development ... is a valuable resource full of best  practices for all management [development] professionals." - Ken Blanchard
  • "Dan Tobin and Margaret Pettingell truly 'get it' when it comes to training and developing managers.  Their concepts, techniques, and case examples are presented in easy-to-understand language." - Jim Kirkpatrick
  • "Tobin and Pettingell have masterfully synthesized and integrated the complex and often confusing domai of management and leadership development." - David Ulrich

All Learning Is Self-Directed: How Organizations Can Support and Encourage Independent Learning helps organizations avoid the major pitfalls inherent in the trend toward independent, self-directed learning.  The books contains guidance on how to:

  • Develop new organizational and individual employee learning strategies to meet the workplace challenges of the independent, self-directed learning
  • Create a top-to-bottom positive learning environment that supports and encourages learning at all levels and by all methods
  • Manage intellectual capital in the free-wheeling environment of independent, self-directed learning.

The Knowledge-Enabled Organization: Moving from "Training" to "Learning" to Meet Business Goals outlines a new way to actively bolster the skills and knowledge truly needed to achieve business goals and foster a positive learning environment.

  • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE, January 1998: “Rarely does a book come across my desk that has enthused me as much as THE KNOWLEDGE-ENABLED ORGANIZATION, which truly captures the spirit of a new era in employee learning and organizational transformation. Daniel Tobin challenges the assumptions and established rhetoric of business practices and organizational culture. He does that by suggesting that we replace traditional training methodology with a more holistic approach to learning. This new approach is a more accurate description of what is taking place in many successful, knowledge-driven organizations today.” 

Transformational Learning: Renewing Your Company Through Knowledge and Skills discusses how companies can use the knowledge and skills of their employees to transform the company to meet today's and tomorrow's business challenges.

Re-Educating the Corporation: Foundations for the Learning Organization was one of the first books to present practical approaches to building a learning organization.

Dan Tobin's books are available from your favorite local or on-line bookseller.  To order any of these titles from Amazon.com, click here.

Dan welcomes comments on his books.  Contact Dan Tobin with any comments.